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Several of us are on medication for anxiety/depression. A couple of you have mentioned wanting to get on something, or your parents wanting you to take something... or something like that.

There's a naturopathic remedy for depression with no long-term side-effects called SAM-e. Here is a link that has some good info:

I'm on Wellbutrin XL, but you can take SAM-e with other anti-depressants, as long as they are not MAOI inhibitors; also, don't take it if you are bipolar, as it increases mania. I notice a difference when I take it... I have less social anxiety! I'm hoping to get off Wellbutrin and just take the SAM-e, but i need my doctor's advice for weaning myself off the wellbutrin. Anyway, that's not important to you all.... What is important is, you can get SAM-e over the counter at pretty much any pharmacy. You don't have to go to a health food store or GNC or anything like that; I got it at Kroger! However, if you take it, you have to also take vitamin B. The link explains all about why that is. And, if you want to try it, make sure you get a good brand, and not just the generic Kroger or CVS brand. That's fine for acetomenophen, but not for something like this. Get a good brand for the vitamin B too. The copay for a 30-day supply of wellbutrin for me is $50, and I can get a 30-day supply of 200mg SAM-e and vitamin B complex to go with it for around the same amount of money, and I'm not harming my liver and kidneys, nor do I have to go to the doc and be evaluated every 3 months. (Which is ridiculous anyway... and it's another $25!) Anyway, I thought I would offer this idea to those of you who feel the need to be on medication and cannot get it, for whatever reason. But be sure to read all you can on it. If you have a homeopath or naturopathist, talk to him/her about it too.

Got to go... time to leave work!! Yall have a good weekend. :) Oh, and feel free to ask me questions about it. I'm learning myself, so half my answers might be "good question... I dunno." But it's all good.

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