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Hello =D

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing good! I wanted to join because, although undiagnosed, 99.99% evidence suggests that as a child I had Selective Mutism,

definitely isn't as bad now that I'm older but there are ocassions and situations where it is painfully evident that I am not as yet completely over it.

It's annoying isn't it.

I blame the genetic aspect involved that has lead to me developing SM which kind of meant that I was effed right from the go...

I think the fact that it is really not very well known contributes to the problem as the lack of awareness prevents necessary intervention for a lot of undiagnosed children and in turn not enough is known to deal with Selective Mutism in helping sufferers overcome it.

I could tell you story after story detailing how I was wrongfully treated as an SM sufferer, mainly by adults, teachers, parents etc. outlining the need for SM to become more well known and the need for more research and remedies!

I remain hopeful =D

Some people out there are doing things about this... those that are aware of SM that is! There are websites and books around and now there are also wristbands being sold to raise awareness! I ordered one myself and am waiting for it to arrive, I want to make a difference and I want to raise awareness, I'm going to wear the wristband for the child in me and the sufferers of SM all around.

I want people to know what Selective Mutism is!

If anyone is interested: http://sm.aware.tripod.com
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