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language classes

I'm really bad at introductions, so I'll keep this bit brief. I haven't actually been told I have selective mutism, but I have real problems talking to certain people in certain situations - teachers, people I don't talk to regularly, anybody on the phone (even family), even little things like answering the register at school - and yet can joke around with my close friends or family. I tend to just avoid all situations where I'd find it difficult to talk (I haven't been at school for a year for various reasons, probably including this), but I'm seeing a psychologist for other stuff and often just sit there for an hour without saying a word, even though I want to, my voice just...doesn't seem to work (and I end up almost exclusively telling her stuff by writing it down).

Anyway, I was just wondering how people had handled language classes or courses with oral exams. I find languages really interesting and love learning them, but for GCSEs, A levels or Open University courses part of the grade comes from an oral exam, something I seriously doubt I would be able to do, but I can't really think of any way around it, since the exams are compulsory and a significant part of the grade.

Anyone got any ideas?
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